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Root Cause of U.S. Fiscal Crisis
“Stop digging!” insisted Paul Welday in his talk to the Eastside Republican Club Forum January 15 at the War Memorial.
The Republican activist and Oakland businessman explained, that's the first rule when you realize you're trapped in a hole.
Welday's message focused on leadership and “the crisis facing our state and our country.”
The root fiscal problem, he said, is the massive growth in government.
In laying out the facts, Welday noted that our national debt at $15.6 trillion is now bigger than the entire U.S. economy. By comparison, he said the gross domestic product is just $15.1 trillion.
Oakland's Paul Welday speaking at January 15, 2013, Forum
From left, Linda Solterisch, Oakland's Paul Welday, and David Haugen at January 15, 2013, Forum
To help illustrate how fast the debt has grown and how deep the “hole” is, he pointed out that in 2007 national debt was considered high at $9 trillion.
In another comparison, Welday put the U.S. debt crisis in international context. He said that the annual amount of interest paid to the Chinese on U.S. debt held by them would soon equal China's annual military budget.
“What do we do now?” he asked.
Welday advocated “changing course, and stopping endless government spending.”
He said taxpayers and our leaders must accept the challenges, endure sacrifice, and realize that responsibility for action belongs to us.
Looking Back
Reflecting on the outcome of the race at the top of the ballot in the 2012 General Election, Welday said, “The liberals are not the problem.”
“Democrats are doing a better job of appealing to Americans than we are.”
Welday proposed compromise on divisive social issues, such as “extremism on the abortion issue.”
On this, some audience members challenged Welday's analysis both during the question and answer period and informally after the presentation.
He said the GOP must make significant inroads into the nonwhite voter block by being “more listener than preacher.”
“We need to better understand their communities,” he said.
On one point, he was not willing to compromise. He advocated that the GOP, “Stand firm on free market enterprise.”
Grant Strobl with Oakland's Paul Welday at January 15, 2013, Forum
John Kulik talks with Oakland's Paul Welday after January 15, 2013, Forum
Welday said the GOP needs “a new SOP: Security, Opportunity, and Prosperity.”
Welday at Work
Besides appearing as a regular guest on television and radio talk shows, Welday is president of Renaissance Strategies, LLC, a leading national political consulting firm specializing in strategy, management and tactical execution with offices in Michigan and Washington, D.C.
He is also a founding partner of Superior Capitol Consulting, a Lansing public affairs consulting firm, and senior counselor to the Washington-based Watts Partners, Inc., a government affairs consulting firm.
In January 1993, Welday began serving as chief of staff for Republican U.S. Representative Joseph K. Knollenberg from Michigan's then 11th Congressional District.
Young Republican
Welday is a 1981 graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University. Welday began his professional career as a legislative assistant U.S. Representative Jack F. Kemp (R-NY), where he focused on the early stages of enterprise zone legislation. Upon returning to Michigan, he worked for State Representative Wilbur Brotherton of Farmington.
In 1982, he began his political career as a statewide organizer for gubernatorial candidate Richard Headlee. Shortly thereafter, Welday began his first working relationship with Joe Knollenberg, who served at the time as chairman of the Republican Committee of Oakland County. Welday went on to serve as executive director of the organization until 1985.
Service & Business Career
In 1985, he formed The Welday Group, Inc., a Farmington Hills public affairs and public relations consulting firm. He remained active on the civic and political scene serving as campaign manager for Oakland County Executive Daniel Murphy, and as deputy director of the Jack Kemp for President Campaign in Michigan. On the local level, he served as a member of the Farmington Hills Planning Commission.
In the late 1980's, Welday moved west where he served as chief of staff to Mayor P.J. Morgan of Omaha, Nebraska. In this capacity, he served as the primary advisor and chief operating officer of America's 48th-largest municipality in a non-partisan, strong-mayor form of government.
A virtual lifelong resident of the Farmington, Michigan area, Welday is father of two children, Nicholas and Natalie. He is married to Valerie Knol, who recently concluded a term as mayor, and currently serves as a council member for the City of Farmington.
The Eastside Republican Club Forum is normally held on the third Tuesday of the month from September through June. Admission is free and the public is always welcome.
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