Here's What ERC Web Site Visitors Have to Say...
The photos are great and really help make the website interesting to visit. Eastside activist
That looks great great!! Thanks for the hard work. Detroit media personality.
You are doing a terrific job of delivering information in the most technologically advanced way. Local candidate
Thanks! We can't tell how much we appreciate what you are doing to keep the community informed regarding issues , meetings and candidates. An East side web browser
'FIRST CLASS' SITE...nothing more needs to be said! 14th district official
Tremendous job on the web page. It's a real reference source with all the governmental, news, and other links. Friend of the ERC from Detroit
The content and layout is astounding! ERC friend in the auto industry
I had to take a moment to tell you how great the web site is. It's a modern marvel how quickly the content and materials get refreshed! I have to say, this is one of the best maintained and managed sites; period. ERC member from Detroit
The Republican Web site is fabulous!! …more (and better communication) than we have ever seen in this district... thanks. ERC member from Grosse Pointe Farms
I enjoyed seeing and reading your best-in-the-State web site! State GOP official
Also, as always your web site is excellent. Thank you so much…. You are a big part of our success and you should be proud of the work you did. Elected official from Michigan
Well done!! What a gift to the community. Local ERC member
I would like to volunteer to be a precinct delegate. Please let me know how I can help. A future Eastside leader
Thanks and great work.... that is pretty efficient and high tech work. Visitor to the web site
For the record, we are members of the Republican Party.... I found you through a web search. New ERC friends from Ohio
Hey, I really appreciate your getting the endorsements up early. Big help for us absentee voters. Another Eastsider
I was wondering if there is a way for a teenager to join or be involved in the Eastside Republicans. Thanks a lot. Encouragement from the next generation
Please send me more information on membership and upcoming events. I would love to get involved! Transplant to Michigan from Washington, D.C.
Interested in getting information on joining your club.... Could you please send me some information on the next meeting? Recent visitor to ERC's home page
I have recently moved back to the Pointe's from NYC, and am hoping to become involved with Republican activities in the area. I found your name and e-mail address on the web, and was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction? Repatriated Pointer
I would like to attend the meeting tomorrow night at the War Memorial. If you could forward me some info or a phone number, that would be great. Oakland County GOP activist
I have enjoyed learning a bit about your organization via the web site. I am very interested in getting involved with your ERC! A transplant to the Pointes from Alpena
I saw your name on the Michigan Republican web site.... Who is my "Go To" person here in the Detroit area for potential membership? Converted Michigan Democrat
I have been looking for a Republican club or committee to join for some time. Could you send me any info on your club? Future member from Warren